Brown School of Social Work/Public Heath aims to educate and prepare future social work and public health leaders in areas of policy, practice, and research; pioneer research and apply results to impact policy and practice locally, nationally, and internationally; collaborate with organizations to use evidence to improve access to and quality of social services and to address social and economic justice.

Center for Social Development aims to create and study innovations in policy and practices that enable individuals, families and communities to formulate and achieve life goals, and contribute to the economy and society. Through innovation, research and policy development, CSD makes intellectual and applied contributions in social development theory, evidence, community projects and public policy.

Missouri Department of Corrections operates Missouri State prisons, probation, and parole.

Smart Decarceration Initiative​ ​aims to stimulate cross-sector applied policy and behavioral intervention research that will reduce the incarcerated population in ways that are humane, socially just, and sustainable.​

Connections to Success is a Missouri non-profit focused on breaking the cycle of poverty and helping families develop a plan for economic independence.

Criminal Justice Ministry is an organization which provides services for criminal justice involved individuals including direct services to those incarcerated and re-entering as well as education and advocacy services.

EMPOWER Missouri is an advocacy organization focusing on the improvement of wellbeing of Missourians through civic leadership, education, and research.

Father Support Center is a St. Louis non-profit promoting positive outcomes for families through the promotion and development of responsible parenting.