Unfortunately, although we know a lot about the complex issues that most people face who have gone to prison, we are still in the early stages of identifying the most potent interventions for improving a multitude of well-being outcomes that reach beyond reincarceration. In response, the Institute for Advancing Justice Research and Innovation works with scientists, practitioners, and formerly incarcerated individuals around the country to continually build and improve on existing evidence.

We are developing new conceptual models to advance the science and the practice of reentry. These conceptual models hone in on the contextual challenges of reentry. We also propose to the field models of service delivery that promote overall well-being development of individuals leaving prison, versus a sole focus on reincarceration as the target of interventions. We are creating tools for practitioners to help guide enrollment in treatments and services. These tools also help practitioners to monitor progress of individuals overtime so that practitioners can be confident about when services need to be "stepped up" or tapered down.